It’s been too long since I last wrote, but I have some goodies on my mind. My noble intention was to write the day I returned from the TCG (Theatre Communications Group) conference in San Diego. It was an amazing weekend filled with inspiration, theatre artists of all levels and professions, old friends and many new ones! Whatever else I did not take away from that conference, I absolutely took away a commitment to making the annual TCG conference a “must-do” event for me.

This year’s conference was more enjoyable for me than last year’s in Dallas. While Dallas was my home turf, I could not say that I knew anything about the theatre community there; however, attending my first TCG conference there became my way of (re)focusing and (re)committing myself to professional directing, networking, and inevitably, making a return to Los Angeles (long regarded as my theatrical home). Happily, San Diego was a peaceful three-hour drive from LA and my friend, Jennifer Bauer-Lyons, Managing Director of Georgia Shakespeare, was there waiting for me when I arrived!

I could literally devote many posts to all of the discussion groups that I attended – Women Directors, Lean In – Women in Theatre, Diverse and Inclusive Theatre, et. al. No doubt, I will bring up these topics in future posts, but for now, I want to share the work of artist, Kseniya Simonova ( She creates stories using her hands, music and sand! Sand is a medium that fascinated me when I was working my Set Designer, Miguel Romero on the musical, “Violet,” but what Kseniya does is nothing short of amazing (in my humble opinion). I found some art that was made using sand (which is normally associated with that which is dusty or dirty – not beautiful and artful). For me, Kseniya’s art (re)defines storytelling and is every bit as “theatrical” as any play or musical I have ever seen.