With my recent move back to Los Angeles, I felt it was high time to get my Directing website up and functional.  So, while this entry will be brief, I am very happy to be blogging again.  I haven’t blogged since the days on MySpace and that was AGES ago.   Normally, I would use that blog to reflect on everything, but this blog will be for one thing and one thing only – THEATRE!  So much of what I see, heart, smell, taste, and feel inspires me and influences my directing.  Even my return to acting this past September informed me on how I hope to direct in the future.  It never hurts to return to your roots and my roots were as an Actress for  years.  Los Angeles is where I started directing.  It is the place where I  found myself artistically.  Part one was eleven years when I moved to LA.  This was after experiencing the powerhouse cities like Dallas, Chicago and New York.  LA was different.  LA was special.  For all of the slack that Los Angeles gets for not being a “theatre city,” I can only say that it is a BIG THEATRE CITY that only keeps on growing!

I am now living part two of my California adventure.  Part two is forever a work in progress and I hope to keep updates about how that progress is coming.  I do know this – I have the name of the my future company decided!  I created an email address for it and hope to produce my first show under it later this year!  All good things.

Visuals and videos and important parts of my blogs and I hope to share things that will stimulate and get folks thinking THEATRE!

It’s good to be back…

Enjoy this youtube link to the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  A teacher of mine from Grad School shared this with me and I kept thinking about having “environmentally friendly” sets, props, lights and even costumes.  Wouldn’t that be amazing!