Looking down

When I am walking to my car, in the apartment, and around my friends and family, I am almost always looking down. I look down because I feel a bit accident prone. As I am aging, my ankles seem to enjoy rolling a bit, so I look down to avoid obstacles. I also look down [...]

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(re)defining the story

It's been too long since I last wrote, but I have some goodies on my mind. My noble intention was to write the day I returned from the TCG (Theatre Communications Group) conference in San Diego. It was an amazing weekend filled with inspiration, theatre artists of all levels and professions, old friends and many [...]

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Back to Cali!

With my recent move back to Los Angeles, I felt it was high time to get my Directing website up and functional.  So, while this entry will be brief, I am very happy to be blogging again.  I haven't blogged since the days on MySpace and that was AGES ago.   Normally, I would use [...]

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